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PARTIAL DENTURES are worn by PERSONS WHO have lost some but not all of their remaining natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. These partial dentures are supported by the remaining teeth and edentulous bone and soft tissue. There are three types:


Acrylic Resin Dentures are the least expensive and are fabricated from acrylic resins with stainless steel clasps to engage the remaining natural teeth for retention & positioning. These dentures allow relines, repairs & tooth additions.


Chrome dentures are of superior quality but are more expensive. They are fabricated from acrylic resin bonded to a metal (Chrome cobalt) base. These dentures offer superior quality, strength & comfort, are slimlined, have a natural feel, are generally more hygienic than acrylic dentures and have much greater fracture resistance than acrylic dentures.


Flexible dentures are fabricated from Nylons and are flexible & virtually unbreakable. There are no visible metal retainers as the flexible base engages tooth undercuts for retention. However, they cannot be relined or have additional teeth added to them.


FULL DENTURES are worn by persons who have lost ALL of their natural teeth on either their upper or lower jaw but not both.

FULL-ON-FULL DENTURES refer to complete upper AND lower dentures.
All full dentures are supported & retained by the remaining soft & hard tissues (edentulous bone) of the oral cavity.


Overdentures at
The Grand Prairie

There are a few options available to you when it comes to dentures supported by dental implants. As well as dental implant supported bridges, there are also removable denture options which will be discussed below.

The Grand Prairie Dentist offers implant supported dentures to help patients regain their healthy smile

  •  Minimally invasive procedure
  •  Improves speech and confidence
  •  None of the inconvenience or cost of dental adhesives
  •  Helps stimulate jawbone and maintain bone structure
  •  Restores proper chewing which allows for better diet and improved health

Dentures Implant Offer


This is similar to a fixed overdenture with one clear exception. Once the necessary number of implants is placed, a bar is attached to the implants to support the denture. Your new denture will able to clip into place and you will be able to remove it for cleaning.


A fixed overdenture is attached to your jaw with dental implants. At Amaze Dental we use the All-on-4 or All-on-6 system to carry out this procedure. The advantage of this system is that you only need 4-6 implants to replace all the teeth on your upper or lower jaw. This denture can be removed by your dentist to be cleaned and maintained.


An implant stabilized denture is when a small number of implants stabilise your denture. This is similar to fixed implant supported denture with the exception that you can take it out each night and clean it.


The natural shape of the human mouth changes constantly. In particular, the gums shrink over time and this is the reason why dentures that were a perfect fit when first supplied will become loose, sometimes causing embarrassing loss of a denture in a public place.

In extreme cases, a complete new denture may be required. However, relining is the process of refitting the existing denture to the jaw shape. Some professionals refer to relining as “rebasing” essentially the same process.

Most of the time a reline can reshape existing denture, making the fit virtually as new. The benefits include lower cost than a complete replacement, increased comfort, denture retention, reduction of incorrect pressure on the gums that causes soreness and reduced entrapment of food debris.

Regardless of whether the existing dentures are metal or acrylic, the process is simple and painless. The reline process usually takes only a day or two. When the dentures are refitted into the mouth usually only simple adjustments are needed.

As simple as this process is, the result depends entirely upon the skill and professionalism of the dental technician.


Denture breakage frequently occurs when the denture is dropped, but may also occur when they no longer fit the mouth correctly due to bone shrinkage and jaw shape changing over time

In most cases broken dentures can be repaired. It is advisable to retain all broken pieces and take them to the technician. It may be necessary to have new impressions taken so the denture can be refitted to restore comfort & prevent breakage from re-occurring.


It is not uncommon for a natural tooth to require extraction after a denture has been fitted. In most cases, it is possible to add teeth to existing dentures using tooth coloured acrylic resins.

The same applies to a situation where a broken tooth on the denture can be replaced with a new tooth. However, adding teeth to Chrome metal base dentures may require the existing denture base to be modified by welding an extension to the denture. This process may take up to seven days to complete.